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Chronology of Chapultepec Forest

The name Chapultepec means “grasshopper’s hill” in Nahuatl and its origin dates back to the Classic Period.

1325. After the founding of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, the Aztecs adopt Chapultepec as a sacred place and a strategic site because of its springs that supplied water to the great Tenochtitlan.

1428. Netzahualcóyotl, king of Texcoco, builds a mansion and enhances the forest’s flora and fauna.

1465. Moxtezuma XIlhuicamina builds the two-mile long Tlaxpana aqueduct.

1507. Moctezuma Xicititzub builds pools to breed exotic fish and serve as water storage. He orders that plants and trees be planted.

1521. Cuauhtémoc defends Chapultepec against the Spaniards. Soon after, Hernán Cortés takes possession of Chapultepec.

1530. A Royal Decree issued by King Carlos V ruled that the forest of Chapultepec belonged to Mexico City.

1771. The Chapultepec aqueduct is built with its 904 arches alongside two and a half miles, supplying water all the way to a Salto de Agua—a Fountain that is still standing.

Today, Chapultepec Forest is the largest urban park in Latin America, an important recreational and cultural center, as well as a magnificent and quiet neighbor of The Green Park hotel.

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