Booking and cancellation Policies

Booking and cancellation Policies

• When confirming your reservation, the hotel will test for the first night to guarantee your stay; in case of no show or cancel outside the time set by the hotel, this charge will be taken as valid.

• Upon arrival, the hotel will ask for a voucher as a guarantee during your stay. Even though it was canceled upon leaving the hotel. If you do not have a credit card, we will request such a money-back guarantee that will also be returned on departure.

• The deadline for cancellation of a reservation is 24 hours in advance. After this time, you will be charged for one night's stay in case of 1 to 3 rooms. In case of more reserved rooms, the limit to cancel, the time will be 6 days in advance.

• Non-refundable rates (promotions) do not accept date of change or name, so that the total stay plus tax will be charged in full, even if the guest is not present. This fee will be made from the time you make your reservation, regardless of the date of arrival.

• The extra person price is R $ 700.00 pesos included taxes.

• The reserved in dollars or any other foreign currency at Mexican peso rates are subject to the daily exchange rate fixed by the hotel during the dates of stay.

• The price of this reservation is confirmed according to the number of guests indicated in this confirmation. Any increase in the number of guests can cause a change in rate.

• The room is available for use from 15:00 hrs. The deadline to deliver the fourth day of departure is at 13:00 hrs. If you wish to access your room in an hour sooner or later deliver at the time of departure, we suggest you contact the reservations department for instructions The additional cost for these services.

• Free parking for the host.

• It is not allowed to introduce food and drinks to the hotel.

• In reservations more than one night anyway, if the customer did not show up, the hotel reserves the right to charge for no-show and cancel the remaining nights booked depending on the reserved promotion fee.

• Hotel Park Villa, SA de CV is attached to the Federal Data Protection Act, so that your information will be treated with discretion and confidentiality.

• Up to 2 children under 10 years old can use the parents' room at no cost for lodging. Baby cots are subject to an additional fee, which must be requested at the hotel upon registration and these are subject to availability.

• This is an automated email that is not monitored by anyone. To contact us refer to the section contact us from our website

• Please note that at the time of registration you may be required to present an official identification document. For Convention Companies Taxes you will need to present identification document as an employee of the company in which the reservation was made.

• Only the reservation will be respected as indicated and confirmed in the system. The hotel may reject other written or printed confirmation, which may have changed.

• If extending the stay, the confirmed rate may not be available, then the rate will be confirmed for the extended nights will be the best rate available for that day.

• Late cancellation charges will be made directly to the credit card provided at the time of booking.

• In case of early departure confirmed dates, the hotel reserves the right to charge the remaining unused nights. Please inquire at the front desk for the appropriate rate.

Extra expenses (consumption of food and beverages, laundry, dry cleaning, long distance calls, etc.) consumed inside the hotel must be resolved immediately or charged to the room.

• In case of No Show the collection of the night stay will be.

• Children are considered up to 10 years. From that age, you will be charged as an adult.