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The flavors, aromas and details of traditional English cuisine and the best of international cuisine take shape in the exquisite The View restaurant.

Their menu is an invitation to a selection of soups, appetizers, salads, pastas, seafood: poultry, meats and desserts made with the freshest and best national and imported ingredients. In the wine cellar of the restaurant you will find the best white, red and pink wines from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain and France, as well as the great and celebrated brands of French champagnes.

For its panoramic view of the forest, its ambience with piano music and its unique cuisine, a meeting on sight has become a memorable occasion.

Morning has a special startup on the terrace; decoration and transparency of its modern furnishings in harmony with the natural light that the glass dome filter stops every day to enjoy a delicious breakfast with the murmur of the inner cascade.

Afternoons and evenings are the ideal place to visit the peaceful and luxurious moment Nectar Bar: an elegant bar and comfortable armchairs are ideal for savoring the finest wines, liqueurs, spirits and cocktails of the world taking place on the green frame windows Forest of Chapultepec.

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Lunch and dinner

foie gras (80 g).
The cheese plate (250 grs.) Combined Brie, Roquefort, Manchego, goat and natural ashes
Iberian ham Serrano (100 grs.)
Scalloped Norway Salmon (120 grs.)
salmon Rolls or fresh tuna (200 gr.)
Shrimp and scallop scraped octopus (Camaron 21/25 100 grs., Scallops 60 grs., Powder 100 grs., Olmo 40g).
The cocktail Vista (Camaron 21/25 100 grs., Scallops 60 grs., 100 grs powder.)
dried red tomato tart and goat cheese (200 g red tomato, goat's cheese 70 grams natural.)
Fresh asparagus and leaves Parmigiano Reggiano (170 grs.)


Niçoise salad (150 g).
Combined Italian, French and sangria lettuce with slices of fresh tuna seal
Caesar salad (2 people) (200 gr.) Traditional
duck salad and baked apples (lettuce 180 grs., duck 60 grs.) With cooked duck sweet sauce with raspberry essence
flambéed spinach salad (2 people) (300g.) Spiced fresh spinach with balsamic vinegar served with bacon and pecans
Vegetable planter house (200 g.) Tied fresh vegetables with sauce of your choice
Chicory salad (endive 150 g., 70grs celery.) Al Roquefort and nut


Hojaldrada traditional onion soup (300 g.) Hojaldrada with a touch of parmesan cheese
The seafood soup special view (250 gr.)
Orchard soup (200 ml)
Consommés for Jeréz (200 ml).
Bisque lobster (200 ths.)


Pescatora spaghetti Pasta made at home with our best seafood (Pasta 100 g., Shrimp 21/25 100 grs., Fish 70 g., 70 g powder., Squid 30 g).
combination Fetuccini Cacciatore of ham and beef fillet (100 g Pasta, Serrano ham 10 g., rib 50 g.)
Capellini Primavera Angel hair accompanied with vegetables and meunière (pasta 100 grs., 200 grs vegetables.)

domestic birds

Chicken Kiev (300 g.) The original
Cornish Rock passion fruit foam (600 g.) Cooked and filled with rice
Duck breast with green pepper (350 g.) Served with potatoes and risolette vegetables

Fish and shellfish

Fresh salmon (200 grs.) With pico de gallo and balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled tuna (200 gr.) With green sauce and vegetable pepper
Chotten Sea bass (200 g.) With wild mushrooms
Lomo Huachinango (200 grs.) With black truffle oil
lota extraviar with dill foam (200 g.) cooked glazed with Dutch sauce flavored with Dijon mustard
Flounder "Elizabeth II" (400 g.) Served as the commemoration of the XXV anniversary of the Queen of England
Giant shrimp (shrimp U10 270 grs.)
lobster tail (450 g.) Prepared for your choice
Fish n 'chips original Cod 180 grs.


Rib (200 g.) Served with boiled potatoes and spinach cream
Prime Rib (300g.) Served with boiled potatoes and spinach cream
Rib (500 g.) Served with boiled potatoes and cream of spinach
Filé Wellington (200 g.) The original
The View Steak (200 gr.) In brown sauce with sweet potatoes and vegetable brunoise
Rack of lamb (270 gr.) With mint jelly, sautéed vegetables and onion rings
Châteaubriande (2 people) (420 g).
Filet mignon medallions (200 g.) In two sauces

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