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Mornings have a special way to start at La Terraza; decoration and transparency of its modern furnishings in harmony with the natural light that leaves the glass dome filter every day to enjoy a delicious breakfast with the murmur of the inner cascade.

Here you can enjoy a delicious Green Park style breakfast, where your fresh bread waiting for you, you can also enjoy the following:

orange juice (300 ml.)
Grapefruit juice (300 ml).
carrot juice (300 ml).
Seasonal juice (300 ml.)
Grapefruit juice (400 grs.)
Brunoise of fruit with yogurt ice cream
(400 g).
Fruit of your choice

American coffee (150 ml.)
coffee (150 ml).
Cappuccino (200 ml).
Latte (200 ml).
Latte raspberry (200 ml).
Caramel Latte (200 ml).
Coffee Latte chocolate Biscuits (200 ml).
Chocolate Frapuccino (200 ml).
Espresso (80 ml).
Hot chocolate (200 ml.)
Our selection of teas (150 ml.)

Bloody Mary (300 ml.)
Mimosa (150 ml).
Bellini (150 ml).

Continental breakfast or fruit juice, toast or jam, jam and butter, coffee or tea. (200 ml juice or 150 grams of fruit, 150 ml coffee, a PC, Panettone)
Eggs cooked or scrambled with strips of bread (2 pieces, egg, 120grs).
eggs Norwegian omelet filling lox and plated Meunier capers (3 egg 180 g, 50 g salmon).
Eggs Benedict with Canadian English mun back and bathed in Dutch sauce (2 pieces. Egg 120 gr., Canadian loin 60 gr.)
Florentine eggs with spinach and artichokes (2 pieces.
boiled eggs served vol au vent (3 pcs. egg 180 grs.)
white omelette with vegetables panaché (3 pcs. egg 180 grs.)
spinach and turkey quiche (250 g).
Waffles to taste with red fruits and cream, nutella, caramel or honey (1 pc. Wae game 4)
Brioche French bread (3 pcs.) $
toasted bread with lox and cream cheese (1 pc bagel, 80 gr. salmon)
Cereals (40g).

English breakfast: eggs, bacon, brown bash, sausage, tomato and beans backed grilled (2 eggs 120g.)

Croissant (1 pc).
Chocolatín (1 pc).
Tartine With jam Freas, blackberry, peach or nutella (1 pc).
Cinammon Bun (1 pc).
Mun Blueberry (1 pc).

Traditional English scones (6 units)

We accept all cards except Diners • Our prices include VAT
Products subject to availability

Download our breakfast menu in Spanish here
Download our breakfast menu in English here