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Orange juice (300 ml.)
Grapefruit juice (300 ml.)
Carrot juice (300ml.)
Seasonal juice (300ml.)
Supreme Grapefruit (400 grams.)
Fruit brunoise With yoghurt sorbet
(400 grams.)
Your choice of fruit

American coffee (150 ml.)
European coffee (150 ml.)
Cappuccino (200 ml.)
Cafe Latte (200 ml.)
Raspberry Latte coffee (200 ml.)
Caramel Latte coffee (200 ml.)
Chocolate Biscotti Cafe Latte (200 ml.)
Chocolate Frappuccino (200 ml.)
Espresso (80ml.)
Hot Chocolate (200 ml.)
Our selection of Teas (150 ml.)

Bloody Mary (300 ml.)
Bellini (150ml.)

Continental breakfast Juice or fruit, toast or pastry, jam and butter, coee or tea (Juice 200 ml. or fruit 150 grs., coee 150 ml., 1 piece of pastry)
Soft boiled or poached eggs With toast strips (2 eggs, 120grs.)
Norwegian Eggs Omelette lled with smoked salmon, smothered in a caper meunier (3 eggs 180 grs., salmon 50 grs.)
Benedict Eggs With Canadian loin on an English mun, smothered in hollandaise sauce (2 eggs 120 grs., loin 60 grs.)
Florentine Eggs With spinach and artichoke (2 eggs 120 grs.)
Your choice of eggs Served in a vol au vent (3 eggs 180 grs.)
Egg white OmeletteWith a vegetable panaché (3 eggs 180 grs.)
Quiche Spinach and turkey (250 grs.)
Your choice of Waffles With berries, nutella, dulce de leche or honey (1 wae cut in 4)
Brioche French Toast (3 pieces)
Toasted Bagel With smoked salmon and cream cheese (1 bagel, salmon 80 grs.)
Cereals (40 grs.)

English Breakfast Eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, roasted tomatoes & baked bean (2 eggs 120 grs.)

Croissant (1 piece)
Chocolatin (1 piece)
Tartine with strawbery, blackberry, apricot, or nutella (1 piece)
Cinammon Bun (1 piece)
Blueberry Mun (1 piece)

We accept all major credit cards except Diners • Our prices include TAX • Products are subject to availability • Cover charge $30.00

For invoice issue please present your Mexican taxpayer code (R.F.C.) at the register or reception

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