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Tea Time

Enjoy life. Tomato. Often celebrated.

  • The Green Park Hotel Restaurantes Hora del Té
  • The Green Park Hotel Restaurantes Hora del Té
  • The Green Park Hotel Restaurantes Hora del Té
  • The Green Park Hotel Restaurantes Hora del Té

Celebrating the English tradition and culture, The Green Park hotel is the only place in Mexico where you live every day the classic English tea time.

Simply having a cup of tea is a beautiful ritual. Unlike other beverages, tea requires a little time to prepare; you need to give it a few moments to steep so its flavor infuses the steaming water as the delicate aroma seeps gently into the air around you and the water takes on a beautiful glowing color. Without a doubt, it is exquisiteness in all its detail to bewitch every single sense.

  • The Green Park Hotel Tea Time

Having tea with a friend means you want to relish his/her company; having tea when you are alone means you are treating yourself to something that will stimulate your senses and warm your from the inside out.

Whether you have tea by yourself or with company, this beverage steeped in so much tradition is prepared individually and served with white gloves to delight your palate—with home-made scones, clotted cream, petit fours, tea sandwiches,… the ears—with live piano and flute music and the eyes—with the fabulous view to the Chapultpec Forest.


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  • The Green Park Hotel Restaurantes Hora del Té

Blooming Teas or display teas are floral arrangements carefully transformed into small balls that combine a flower and tea leaves – in this case white tea. It remains uncertain whether flowering tea was developed in the 1980s or was a much older invention. They are handmade 20 years ago in China and are truly work of art. The most used flowers are the amaranth, carnation, chrysanthemum, jasmine and pot marigold.

At the view, we serve it in a special glass so you can see it blossom. When you have your fist cup with steamed water, let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. As you keep drinking and enjoying it, you can refill your cup: from the 3rd. to the 5th. cup, the tea acquires its most intense taste.

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