Voice mail.
To listen to your messages, please press the envelope symbol.
Recording instructions will tell you the steps for the following options:
- Repeat message.
- Clear your messages.

Alarm clock.
to request a wake up call. Ex 6565 6564.

Person to person.
Please request this service directly from your telephone operator. Ex 6565 6564.

Long distance calls.
Nationals (Mexico): (0) + 01 + area code + number.
USA and Canada: number (0) + 00 + 1 + area code + City.
World: (0) + 00 + area code + country code + city number.
Long distance calls have a service charge plus VAT.

Local calls.
(0) + number or mark.

Calls to collect.
Please request this service from the telephone company. Ex 6565 6564.

Calling card calls.
They have a service charge on these calls. Ex 6565 6564.

Calls to cell phones.
national or international dialing cell with the operator. Ex 6565 6564 or:
80) + 044 + local phone number.

Flame Suite for Suite.
Please check the suite number directly.

Wake up.
we have the automatic wake-up of the appliance of your room. If you prefer, you can also apply for this service with our telephone company. Ex 6565 6564.

Where do you locate it?
If you expect a call, please tell the operator where they can find it. Ex 6565 6564.

In case of any emergency call the operator. Ex 6565 6564.

This service is available 24 hours. of the day. If you want your car is at the door waiting for it at the time of departure, ask our Concierge. Ext. 6040.

To receive a fax, our number is 52 76 6567. To send, please contact our Business Center team. Ext. 6040.

You can request this service for our 24-hour room service department. Ex 6050 6055.

Departure time.
Check out time is at 1:00 pm If you need to extend this time, we will be happy to assist you at the front desk. Ext. 6031.
The Concierge will be happy to assist you with your luggage receipt. Ext. 6040.

We have smoke detectors in all rooms and public areas of the hotel. For more information, see the section on Safety and Emergency included in this directory.

privacy service.
Please place the privacy mark on the outside of your door. If you do not want to receive phone calls, please inform our telephone company. Ex. 6565, 6564.

Medical service.
24-hour medical assistance is available. of the day. Please contact our telephone company. Ex. 6565, 6564.

Credit cards.
Accept major credit cards. For more information, please contact our front desk staff. Ext. 6031.

We recommend you apply this service with our concierge staff. Ext. 6040.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV system. Please see our guide channels located in the same folder.

Tour Desk.
Our staff will take care of Concierge area to recommend and make arrangements for cultural visits and excursions in and out of town an unforgettable experience. Some aspects you can watch are:

  • Tourist attractions
  • airplane tickets
  • recreation centers
  • golf
  • city ​​tours
  • car rental
  • tennis courts reservations
  • restaurant reservations
  • airport transportation
  • Tours in museums
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Visit theaters, auditoriums ...

For more information on what to do, where to go and what are the points of interest in the area, check directly with our Concierge are. Ext. 6040.

The voltage in the hotel is 110/120 V. The concierge can provide converters and electrical adapters if required. Ext. 6040

We have meeting rooms for business meetings. Our concierge can give you more information. Ext. 6040.

Linen, dry cleaning and ironing.
The laundry and dry cleaning service is from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Services requested before 10:00 am will be delivered the same day. express laundry and dry cleaning, which will be delivered in three hours. Ironing service express, will be delivered within one hour (24 hrs.) Scholarships and laundry lists are placed inside the closet. 6049 Ext.

Request this service to our Concierge. Ext. 6040.

If there is any flaw in your room, we ask you to tell our Concierge. Ext. 6040.

If the light on your phone is on, it means we can keep a message for you. To listen, please press the voice mail or call the telephone company. Ex 6565.

Lost objects.
In case of any personal items lost, our concierge will be happy to assist you in locating it. Ext. 6040.

car rental.
If you want to rent a car, call our Concierge, we will be happy to help. Ext. 6040.

Express outlet.
Service available to guests who have left a voucher for their credit card as collateral. For additional information contact our reception staff. Ext. 6031.

For your safety and protection, when in your room as always keep the door latch and identify all visitors before you let go.

Rooms services.
To select your favorite dishes 24 hours. the day, room service is located in the same folder. Order the menu to your liking. We will be happy to assist you. Ex 6050 6055.

Directory Services