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+52 5552766565 | 01 800 830 77 77

Instruction to use the phone

Voice Mail.
To listen to your messages please press.
The recording instructions will indicate the steps to follow for the following options:
- To repeat the message
- To empty messages

Automatic Wake-Up Call
Please dial Ext. 6565

Person To Person Call
Please ask our Telephone Operator. Ext. 6565

Long Distance Calls
Local (Mexico): (0) + 01 + area code + number
US and Canada: (0) + 00 + 1 + city area code + number
International: (0) + 00 + country area code + city area code + number
Long distance calls are subject to service charge plus a value added tax.

Collect Calls
Please ask the Telephone Operator. Ext. 6565

Telephone Card Calls
These calls have a service charge. Ext. 6565

Cell Phone Calls
You can dial the Telephone Operator Ext. 6565 or (0) + 044 + local cell phone

Suite To Suite Calls
Please dial the suite number.

Television A diversity of both domestic and international channels are available. Please consult the TV guide list on this same booklet.

Tour Desk
For city tours, shopping, sightseeing and whatever you want to do, our Concierge Staff will be pleased to assist you on planning an unforgettable experience. Among the ways in which they can assist you are:
• Airplane tickets
• Car rental
• City tours
• Golf
• Points of interest
• Restaurants
• Sightseeing transportation
• Transportation
• Visits to museums and theaters

The voltage in the hotel is 110/120 V. Electrical converters and adapters are available through the concierge. Ext. 6040

Wake-up Service
Our telephone system is equipped with an automatic wake-up call or if you prefer call the Telephone Operator to request a wake-up call. Ext. 6565

Where Can We Find You?
If you are expecting a telephone call, please call the Telephone Operator and let them know, where can we contact you. Ext. 6565

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