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The View restaurant combines the taste, aroma and details of traditional English fare with the best of international cuisine in a fascinating and refined setting due to its live piano incidental music and its panoramic view of the Chapultepec Park.

The service is attentive, friendly and discrete. Open the 7 days of the week. Dishes at The View, always light and balanced, combine basic ingredients such as olive oil, delicate aromatic herbs and dry fruits, pasta, vegetables, meats, fish and seafood.

In the cellar of the restaurant you will find the best white red and rose wines of Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and France plus the greatest and most celebrated French champagnes.

The taste, aroma and detail of the traditional English cuisine and the best of international haute cuisine take form in the refined restaurant, The View. Its menu is an invitation to a succulent selection of soups, entrées, salads, pasta, fish and seafood, poultry and meat and desserts elaborated with the freshest and finest national and international ingredients. In the restaurant's cellar, you will find the best white, red and rosé wines of Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and France, as well as its magnificent and celebrated brands of champagne.

Due to its panoramic view of the Forest, the atmosphere with the live piano music, and its unsurpassable cuisine, a meeting at The View turns into a memorable occasion.  

Visit the website www.theview.com.mx

Mornings have a special way to begin at The Terrace; the decoration and transparency of its avant-garde furniture harmonize with the natural light that the crystal dome filters every day in order to enjoy it with a delicious breakfast to the murmur of the interior cascade.

Afternoons and evenings are the ideal moment to visit the luxurious and pleasant Nectar Bar; its elegant counter and its comfortable sofas are the ideal ambiance to taste the best wines, liquors, spirits, and cocktails of the world, having as a landscape the green Forest of Chapultepec.

Nothing quite says indulgence in the city like an alfresco lounge on high--and a swimming pool to open soon. 

Thanks to this charming boutique hotel one can now enjoy oneself in the skies and delight in a panoramic view of a wonderful green forest of 50 thousand trees, and by night the splendid lighting of nature and the Chapultepec’s Castle.

It’s time to get up on the roof!


Constituyentes 99 • Col. San Miguel Chapultepec • 11850 • México D.F

(0155) 5276 6565 / 01 (800) 830 • 7777